Monday, 1 September 2014

I’ve never lied to you. I’ve always been cool. I wanna be elected — a band manifesto.

OK, I’ve been thinking about this for several months (several decades in some ways) and with an acute sense that I may have less time ahead of me than I’ve had behind me, I need to put it frankly…there’s no time to lose: it’s time to form a band. 

I’ve been in bands before, I’ve helped form bands and yes, I’ve been sacked from bands… but this time it’s going to be different. Because this time — it’s going to be MY band. And I’d like to invite anyone who’s interested to join me and help me make it work. I can’t promise you money (none coming my way either), but participation in the sheer act of musical creation and performance. The rest may hopefully come later for all of us.

Now, I want to make this clear. I have amassed MANY songs over the years and I wish to realise them to the best of their advantage with people who enjoy performing and recording. I will always welcome help with arrangements, lyrics, instrumental variety and virtuosity. 

You will find I am not a difficult man to work with, but make no mistake: this isn’t a democracy. 

I’ve been in bands that claim to be democratic and one of two things happen: they are either mediocre, each person deferring to everyone else, making the whole only as strong as the weakest component. Alternatively, the veneer of egalitarian bonhomie falls away before too long and egos rise, egos clash, sides get taken, musical differences ensue, chaos reigns. I think it’s probably best that someone takes the responsibility from the off — the glory, sure, but also the rap when things don’t work — and if it’s my band, then that’s my job. 

I want people to work with me to make my ideas work as best they can — and in return, I promise you will have plenty of challenge, a big batch of fun things to play on and demonstrate your brilliance. But that also means that I expect dedication, initiative, an attention to detail and a willingness on occasion to take my lead and directions and to give the music all the love you can. You will be treated entirely fairly. You’ll get credited accordingly. I am not an arsehole; I will love you. But this isn't going to feel like a hobby — it will take application and rigour to achieve great results. The rewards, I hope, are self-evident.

To this end, I want a group of about six/seven individuals of instinctive musical brilliance and technique who are prepared to record music and perform live whenever and wherever it takes us. No politics, no arguments, no stage fright, no casuals, no time wasters please. But lots of fun with any luck. 

Please let me know. 

I’ve never lied to you. I’ve always been cool. I wanna be elected. 


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